Me. My Mirena. And I. 

I decided to go on the Mirena because I was actually the worst at taking my pill everyday and at the right time. Because I sucked at taking my pills regularly, I was at a huge risk of getting pregnant because the pill is only 91% EFFECTIVE with typical use. {Note: the pill is 99% effective with perfect use; but lets be honest no one is perfect}. I was also struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) at the time, and would experience extreme diarrhea when I was on my period. Ever since getting the Mirena IUD, my IBS symptoms have been almost completely removed! While I never personally experienced bad periods or cramping, BUT I have friends who had horrible periods and since getting the Mirena, are functioning humans now. Crippling cramps be gone! I also do not get my period. Occasionally, I will have spotting but not even that much (I don’t even buy tampons ~Yay saving money~). Recently, however when I engage in sexual acts (whether penetrative penis-vagina sex, or fingering foreplay) I will sometimes spot and freak out my partner(s) a little bit. At first it was a little embarrassing to find some dark uterus blood on a partner’s boxer or on my bed or on the chair, but now I’m like “FUK IT”. Because tbh, if you and I are having sex, you should be able to handle some bodily fluids. I’m a woman, and hey, sometimes we bleed from our VAGINAS. And if it bothers you, we probably shouldn’t fuck again or you should get over it. But back to the Mirena. It’s the fucking shit. I will rep this method until I want to have kids, and even then I’ll promote it like mint chocolate chip ice cream and sleeping. 

When asked about the Mirena, people always want to know about the insertion process. Hell yeah it was painful. It was like the worst period cramp to ever exist. I also have a uterus that is on the shorter end, so that may gave made it more painful{{Average uterus length is 6-9 cm, and mine is 6 cm}}. My suggestion is an advil regimen and maybe some painkillers {a little herbal medication helps}. The pain from the insertion was over by the next day, although the idea of having sex or putting anything inside of my vagina was revolting for like three days. I got my Mirena inserted at Planned Parenthood. The actual insertion took less than 10 minutes. I would suggest going with a friend just in case you can’t drive after (the pain was indeed nauseating). Despite the initial pain, it was more than worth it. I am in LOVE with my IUD. It is my baby. If you are interested in what goes on during an insertion watch this video.